Friday, February 05, 2010

just stopping in

well... it's my birthday weekend!

and honestly, it's ended up even busier than originally planned.

i'm so thankful for my wonderful friends who have helped me celebrate and my family that i'll get to see this weekend, too.

i'm thankful for the sweet messages and prayers for my dad. he's under the weather right now but is doing a lot better. it's sometimes scary for us because his health is so...well, precarious. you never know what's going to happen. but he's made huge improvements in the last 24 hours (for no real understandable medical reasons) and you just have to wonder about the power of prayer.

i have nothing to share as far as photos. i do plan on doing a photo post of connie and travis' wedding at some point (because they are ready) but i've only had my little camera on me lately and went to charge the battery tonight--

there's no memory card in it. memory card is still in the card reader. ARRRRGHHHH. so unless my camera has some internal memory, no photos from the past two or three days.


and just because it's on my brain and so many people have complimented me on my necklace that i won (and talked about in this post) i wanted to share the website where you can purchase these necklaces (and bracelets, earrings, etc.)--
you can find them here and click through to the "shop our jewelry store" to browse their options. the necklace i have is the katogo long strand, and i usually triple-loop it. i love the colors and the fact that it matches almost anything. i cannot tell you how many people have commented on it when i've worn it. need some unique gifts? this is your place :)

alright, off to bed and back to birthday festivities tomorrow!