Monday, February 22, 2010

@iheartfaces: hands on!

this week at i heart faces, the focus is hands. no face necessary! i thought back to some of my favorite hands photos--several of the newborn poses i do now focus on the parents' hands holding up the baby. i even have a bunch of newly-ringed hands from weddings. but my favorite one is this one:

a year ago this week, i was in a hospital room, waiting on the birth of a very special boy. and now, jonah is celebrating his 1st birthday--a milestone many thought he might not see. he continues to amaze and inspire as he thrives and his wonderful parents document his life on their family blog.

i'm going to put in a shameless plug for our online auction that we're hosting, starting tomorrow. over at jonah's auction website, you can bid on lots of great items with all of the proceeds going to debra, a research organization working to find a cure for EB.

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