Sunday, February 14, 2010

more valentine's day

yesterday morning, we woke up to more and more snow. and still a few flakes coming down!

pepper dog was running through the snow and kicking it up as she scurried around. it was cute to watch and reminded me of our thanksgiving up in west viriginia when we went sledding and she ran up and down the hill with us.

our mailbox showed the total accumulation from the night's snow...
and then our poor snowman was covered up again just from the snow that had fallen over night. i had to clean him up again!
we had breakfast and watched the winter olympics opening ceremony that we had recorded the night before. we really enjoyed the special effects that they used on the floor of the stadium and the acrobatics. and who knew so many music artists, actors and comedians were canadian?

after we got ready, we headed out to do the week's grocery shopping and pick up a few things for making dinner that night. i saw where pioneer woman had featured her shrimp and linguine that morning and the recipe seemed simple enough and perfect for our dinner. i've gotten in the habit of visiting a regular grocery store for most of the groceries and then shopping at the fresh market for specialty items. we got our shrimp there yesterday (local NC shrimp!) along with some delicious desserts and rolls to go with dinner. the flowers caught my eye as we came in, and though justin suggested picking up a bouquet of roses, i went for a little gerbera daisy plant.
i'd honestly rather have plant that will last a while (and could even be planted outside) than a dozen roses.

so later that night, i worked on dinner and set the table for our dinner (forgive me for only clearing half the table--it just wasn't that important to me.)
my lovely husband--with jewelry displays for jonah's auction in the background, along with a bag of dog food and a ski coat.

whole wheat pasta with shrimp and a delicious tomato/garlic/parsley mixture, caesar salad and rosemary and sea salt rolls.
my little valentine's pup waiting for any morsel we might be willing to share with her...

and the desserts--ohhhhh.......justin chose a cappucino hazelnut pie or cheesecake--we're not sure which... but it was delicious. i had a raspberry napoleon, which was essentially layers of white cake, raspberry filling and cream or frosting in layers. also amazing--but i went back for a bite or two of justin's dessert.

this is the 2nd year that we've done our valentine's day dinner at home, and i'm really enjoying it. we eat out regularly on the weekends, so it's not exactly worth it to fight the crowds for just that one night. we take time to choose a nice menu, pick out ingredients that may cost a little bit more than what we typically buy, and really enjoy preparing the food and eating at home.

and even though today is actually valentine's day, we're taking it easy. after going out to a movie on friday night and our homemade dinner last night--we're eating leftovers and catching up on DVR shows :) so romantic, right?

what's your valentine's weekend been like?