Tuesday, February 02, 2010

we finally caught up.

for the past five years, i've been out of the tv-watching, pop culture loop.

this show called "lost" came on the air, and i (being mostly concerned about "gilmore girls" and shows on TLC at the time--and honestly, how much of that has changed?) completely let it pass me by.

fast forward to this past summer, when justin and i (and yes, i do think having a husband greatly influences your tv watching--finding something we can watch together is important to us) decided to see what this lost thing was all about. he's a sci fi person, i enjoy a good drama every now and then, and so we began watching the old episodes through that horrible lag in the summer where nothing decent comes on.

all with the plan that by that tonight--TONIGHT--we'd be caught up and could watch the season premiere of the last season with the rest of the world.

and it's here.

now, i won't go into everything that we did to avoid spoilers while watching (like even turn off the episode description on the netflix streaming ones that we watched so that we wouldn't see any plot lines beforehand) but it is hard to watch such a complex, compelling series with so many possible theories from viewers online and in forums without getting some information about two or three seasons ahead. but we managed to do it--and did a pretty good job of guessing what was going to happen or pick up clues or note important characters.

and i may be biased in saying this, but i think the only way to watch is in a short time. if my brain had to hold all of the past 5 seasons info spanned out over 5 years, i'm not sure i could do it. it's a lot easier when you do it in about six months (july to december, with most of the viewing going on in the summer and the Christmas holiday break.)

and so we've programmed the DVR and are ready--so ready--to join everyone else in watching LOST tonight. and finally knowing what's really going on when i see all of those post-LOST blog recaps tomorrow morning :)

are there any other shows that have come out that we should go back and watch? i kinda want to watch "chuck" from the beginning--i think that's one that we would both enjoy. we are also not on the "24" bandwagon, and i'm not sure i'm really interested in that one, but i could be persuaded.

what tv show would you tell others to go back and watch from the beginning?

my votes to tell others about would be "friday night lights," "how i met your mother" (and actually, i'd like to go back and watch that one from the beginning, because they do a great job of including references from shows in the past AND future that i've forgotten about), and...."the office." i do love "the office" and gasp in horror at anyone who hasn't found it yet.

so, what are your suggestions?