Sunday, January 31, 2010

last night's dinner

our attempt at a "healthy" easy pizza.

we love keeping a frozen pizza in the fridge to throw in the oven for a quick dinner, but the really good ones are not the best for you--and the "healthy" ones weren't kinds that we were really interested in eating.

so we picked up the ingredients we needed to make our pizza--a whole wheat pizza crust.

mushrooms and green pepper (both organic), pizza sauce (not organic, but better than any of the other jars of pizza sauce we looked at), pepperoni (i don't know that a healthy option for pepperoni exists--but i can't have pizza without it!) and mozzarella (natural).
(tip for the pizza sauce--every generic or "popular" brand of pizza sauce had high fructose corn syrup listed in the first 3 ingredients. then we looked at the specialty Italian brands and found much better options there.)

so after putting it all together...
we ended up with tasty, fresh pizza with natural ingredients. a little more expensive, but totally for it for the quality.
this morning, we watched streaming worship services online and then began working on clearing the ice. we finally got the driveway and cars cleaned off, but the back yard is still pretty well iced in.
it's continuing to melt, but i'll admit--i love the ice on our branches and plants.
there's something about that sparkling, clear coating that is just magical
i have chicken and pastry ready to go for tonight (that i think i'll document and share with you, too. that's one of my favorite easy winter recipes!)

and then tomorrow's back to the real world. as much as my extroverted nature has had a tough time with spending all weekend at home, i will admit that i've gotten a lot done. laundry is caught up, i should be finished (or almost finished) with connie and travis' wedding photos by the end of the night, and they've already called the county schools for tomorrow. though the sun is helping with the ice, i imagine it's going to re-freeze a lot tonight. brrr....