Sunday, January 24, 2010

where'd my weekend go?

i'm really trying to throw something together because i'm aware that yes, it's been a few days since i've posted. and y'all, it's just been a little hectic around here! but i'm slowly getting back on track. i think i figured out that being gone sunday night and monday threw me off--because everything that i typically do on sunday (laundry, groceries, etc.) got pushed until monday when i got back. then i had a late night tuesday and then it was really wednesday before i felt caught up. but then stuff got crazy at work with just a lot going on, and before you knew it, i was praying that friday would come quickly.

and it did, and we have thoroughly enjoyed our last weekend for a while of really relaxing. with my birthday and a couple of visits to friends and family coming up, february's going to be one crazy month. but it will be good blogging material! (which i just feel like i've lacked lately. you really don't want to hear about crazy stuff at work or trips to the appliance stores to look at deep chest freezers? do you?)

so i leave you with this--a picture of dinner at our house every night. we hardly ever eat at the table. we're a tv tray family (sorry if that ruins any impression you had about me and my housekeeping skills, but we'll get to that later on) and without fail, we have an animal or two sitting right around us. i tried to catch a picture of milo and pepper both on the floor, looking straight up at justin waiting for any morsel of food he might spare. milo moved before i could get it, but you get the picture...

our latest dog toy--an almost empty peanut butter jar.
yes, it's cruel. but it's oh so amusing to watch! she gets this giraffe-like tongue thing going on and she will just go to town.
saturday, i did get up to do some senior pictures with jessica, the girl that i helped with her senior project. of course, she was willing to try some of my more "artsy" shots, and i did very little with this one out of the camera (my editing is a little backed up right now with travis and connie's pictures sitting there--but i'll get to those soon!)
i'm loving the silhouette and the reflection in the gym floor. i had been inspired by a number of silhouettes that i saw in the pioneer woman's sunrise/sunset shots that she's been featuring and wanted to incorporate something like that into the shoot. more jessica senior portraits to come...

and today was fun, but still a bit hectic. i ended up singing at church at the last minute (lost a little bit of sleep--but i love it so much!) and then got home motivated to do some cleaning. our poor house has been neglected since the holidays and needed a good day of cleaning. so while i tackled the bathroom and bedroom, justin began straightening up the living room and then got going on the piles of junk we have lying around. junk mail, bills, cards, thank-you notes, etc. that just seem to accumulate on flat surfaces in our house. he also began sorting through the pantry and weeding out old boxes of stuff that got lost in the back, as well as taming the mass of plastic bags that we collect under the bottom shelf. by the time i got back from grocery shopping, the kitchen and pantry were spotless and organized, and he was going to town with the shredder. he continued while i made dinner and then headed back to church for our middle school program this evening. we are officially de-cluttered and minus a lot of unnecessary paperwork that was just collecting dust.

i am not good at housekeeping and have never been. my mom had issues with me keeping my room clean since elementary school, and it really hasn't changed. i'm content to live in clutter--not dirtiness, but clutter. thankfully, i had roommates who understood that in college, and my husband was forewarned :) i just don't see it as a priority, and my mind is usually focused on much more important things (to me) than keeping things orderly and neat. i typically can find anything i'm looking for beneath or within the piles, and then every few months, we'll get the motivation to go through them and sort things out. justin has always said that he's a procrastinator, but when the time comes, he does a great job of following through on a task. so between the two of us, we have one day every four months where the house looks amazing--and otherwise, it's lived in and it's just "us." but i do see today's work as being one more step to getting things back on track...

...before everything spirals out of control in february with all of our plans and trips and visits and what not.


what do you do to keep things neat and tidy in your house?