Saturday, January 09, 2010

a quick one

yesterday, i spent the majority of my day at an orientation for taking a new intern this spring.
this is my 4th intern since i graduated. i was blessed to have great internships in my undergrad and grad school experiences, so i'm happy to work with my alma mater to help future social workers get a taste of what's out there :)

made it home in time to pick up, clear out the living room and set up rock band for the evening. friends in our church small group came over and rocked out for a couple of hours. always an entertaining night for us!
my buddy joshua. pepper did so well with him and jake last night. i was relieved she stayed on (for the most part) her best behavior.
the white family singing and drumming--even josh getting in on the action.
and then taking a turn at the drums.
i would say the highlight performance was journey's "don't stop believing" that we downloaded the night before and got to try out with everyone. or failing out on one song three times in a row. both equally amusing :)

i'm heading out in a minute to do some shopping with a friend and give justin space to watch the play-off games. i spent the morning e-mailing friends and contacts about donations for jonah's auction, with pretty good success. i cannot wait to see how this auction comes together!

more later...