Tuesday, January 26, 2010

just a quick note--

my work buddy amanda has started her own blog. go say hi! tell her i sent you :) and compliment her on her adorable blog design.

secondly, i heard that oprah is doing a show on "where your food comes from" tomorrow (wednesday) with michael pollan (of "food rules," "the omnivore's dilemma," etc.). i will be dvr-ing and figured with some of you guys also getting on the "natural food" kick, you might be interested, too.

and finally--i had two great conversations with two long-time friends last night. i love the friends that you can pick up with like you saw them yesterday, even though it may have been weeks or months since you last talked. i get to see one of them this weekend :) and hopefully the other one in about a month or so...

off to get ready for bed. i am so behind on my 365 project--not really with taking photos, but just putting them up. that's my goal for tomorrow.

one day at a time.