Friday, February 12, 2010

snowy valentine's weekend

there was snow in the forecast again, but we really didn't think that it was going to happen. i mean, we've already had snow. a couple of icy days. surely it wouldn't happen again?

so we set off to celebrate valentine's day a little early. our mailbox was full of valentine cards, including duplicates (one from my mom and the other from my dad--must've been a popular one!)

i pulled the "it's valentine's day" card and chose dinner and a movie--east coast wings right next to the theater and then off to see this movie:
with that many big name actors, i figured it had to be entertaining. i wasn't disappointed and justin actually enjoyed it, too. (even without car chases, explosions and gun fire, he said.) i recommend it for a cute date movie, especially if you're a fan of movies like "love actually." the story lines all intertwine but offer plenty of surprises and plot twists to keep you interested beyond the typical, predictable romantic comedy stereotypes. i wasn't a big fan of the "teen" plot lines--just because they were a little cheesy and i think they were trying hard to use taylor swift and taylor lautner soley to bring in the teen fans. but overall--fun and adorable and make sure you stay for the outtakes (and catch the "pretty woman" reference!)

when we stepped out of the theater, we were surprised to see huge fat snowflakes coming down!

just in a couple of hours, we had gotten an inch or more on the car. this was fluffy, wet snow--much different than the dry pellet snow from a couple of weeks ago.
so once we got home, we decided to get out and play in it. justin began by rolling a huge ball from the back yard around to the front...
and then started working on the middle...
and soon we had ourselves a snowman!
we had pepper out at first and then put her inside while we worked on the snowman.
our handiwork. i found a baggie of bottle caps in my arts and crafts box that worked just perfectly for the face and buttons.
justin was determined to get a few good snowballs in... (love the lighting behind him here)
and finally--we were finished and ready to head inside! (see pepper in the corner? i like that she's still a part of this picture!)
we had to make some snow cream, too. this was perfect snow for it, and justin had never had any before! i guess it's just a southern thing? growing up, we would mix fresh snow with milk, cinnamon, sugar and vanilla until it's a nice creamy consistency. i had a small bowl after we came back in and it was still really good!

it's just after midnight here now and still snowing. justin says it looks like the snowman has a really bad dandruff problem...

i guess tomorrow will officially be a snow day! good thing i have plenty of house cleaning, laundry and work to finish.

anyone else dealing with snow tonight?