Saturday, November 14, 2009

it was a long day...

but totally worth it for my experience shopping here:

and though i have many amusing stories about our trip to furnish our agency's new day treatment and therapy building, i don't have time for it right now because i'm heading out for a couple of photo shoots. it has stopped raining. i just pray that the locations we've chosen aren't complete mud pits!

so i'll leave you with this picture that i snapped before leaving yesterday.
and a debut of the necklace i won from erin over at "school teacher by day, superhero by night."
they are paper beads made in uganda by women in the villages there and the sale of the necklaces are supporting the adoption funds for lovelyn who just brought home her beautiful son from africa. you can click over if you want to order a necklace for yourself. it is one long strand of beads that can be doubled over or (to my surprise) tripled over to wear like i did yesterday.

alright, off to work with some more amazing families! ikea shopping trip stories to come...