Wednesday, November 04, 2009

worship music wednesday (almost thursday)

it wasn't until patrice just commented that i hadn't posted and maybe, perhaps, i might be relaxing (i was actually editing photos from that enormous amount that i took two weekends ago) that i realized i almost forgot about worship music wednesday!

this is one of those songs that always gets me energized, helps me feel encouraged and makes me think about our awesome youth group. i heard it on the radio over the summer and it immediately made me think of the teens that i hadn't seen in far too long :)

i've been hit or miss with our youth group meetings over the past couple of weeks because of traveling and crisis calls at work and just a busy schedule. but i'll be heading out with our middle schoolers friday evening for their annual conference, and i'm so excited. the worship music is usually amazing, the speakers are great, and i do love our crew of middle school kids this year.