Sunday, November 22, 2009

this post brought to you by orlando airport free wifi

well, i'm afraid i haven't been completely honest with you, blog readers.

because for the last week, i've been here:

and only because i get lots of visitors that i don't know or don't comment regularly, and you can never be too careful, i decided not to mention our florida trip until we were on our way back.

which we are. (sniff sniff)

so i'll have lots of great stories and photos over the next week or two. until then, we're about to board the plane to head home and i'm going to soak up this free wifi as long as possible and see how quickly i can get through my feeds on the google reader. anyone want to guess how many i have to read?

(427--man, i've missed my blog reading!)

hope you enjoyed the scheduled posts that i had go up and i cannot WAIT to share this week's trip with you. i loved it and could be a walking advertisement for disney by this point...

more to come later!