Wednesday, November 25, 2009

catching up still: the woolards

upon request, i finished these up last night and had to share them before the holidays. i'm determined to finish another session tonight--maybe two if i'm motivated. and then (only then) will i be caught up until saturday, when i have another 2 sessions scheduled. but it's manageable, and that's where i need to be.

so without further adieu--one of my favorite church families. who am i kidding? they're all my favorite.

i do like working with them because they're creative and are open to more artistic ideas. chris spotted this wall of meters and thought it was cool, so he and silas went in to check them out.

while lindsey chilled with savannah over by the other side of the alley.
we do have some nice downtown streets in our city, especially during the fall!
love this one!
haha, silas' face made me laugh here.
savannah is such a sweetheart--she has the most beautiful eyes.
chris is a talented musician (we've shared marching band stories before) and he is teaching silas to play the drums. silas does a good job of keeping the beat on songs and has potential to be an awesome drummer one day.
haha, i found it funny that this one of the best photos of the whole family. silas has this thing lately where he wants to do the "thumbs up" for pictures. so, of course, he had to have a "thumbs up" picture--and it turned out so well!
i loved this location--the leaves really added to the background.
so sweet!
she has great expressions, doesn't she?

and finally, my favorite of the day.
hope you love these as much i do, guys! i think they turned out so well...