Wednesday, November 25, 2009

almost forgot--

this picture was in justin's collection that he took with his phone, so i forgot to include it in the hollywood studios post...yes, that's a camera crew. and no, they weren't interviewing me to be samantha brown's successor. they were there from disney to get some material for the disney park's blog and do a little research. we were stopped and asked if we believed walt disney would be using facebook/twitter/blogging if he were still alive today and why.

hello? perfect couple to ask! so we shared our tech-savvy insight and got a few minutes on camera, signed releases, and went on our way. it should be up on the blog in a couple of weeks, so i'll keep my eye on it and let you know when it airs.

(and not to brag, but they said i had the best answer all day. and i looked like a natural on camera. travel channel, where are you? i'm ready for my screen test!)