Friday, November 27, 2009

a different take on black friday

you guys know that i love shopping. it is admittedly one of my greatest weaknesses--i love finding a good deal, checking out the clearance racks and figuring out how much money i can save off of regular price, all while snagging that adorable top or cute pair of shoes.

this holiday season, though, i've found several ways to buy gifts while also giving back. as much as i love to shop, i don't like to "waste" money. if my purchase can do more, then i want it to do more.

so here are some great websites that i've found that help give back a little more this gift-giving season.

first, check out this quick video from

the website they're referring to is they definitely have a wide variety of charities you can choose from, as well as all the stores where you might normally shop. i'm a huge fan of doing my Christmas shopping online, so i will be checking this one out!

last year, i ordered several gifts from there are actually several shops to choose from here--i especially like the rainforestsite shop with its fair trade items and cool Christmas ornaments. they often have free shipping deals, and with each purchase you donate to the cause of the store--either saving rainforest land, donating to animal shelters or helping to fund mammograms for women who couldn't otherwise afford them.

i also try to click here daily--that's the easiest way to support these causes!

and finally, there's the heifer project. there are so many people where i try to find little gifts under $10 or $20 that ends up broken, collecting dust or immediately used up. imagine if we could help provide a sheep or a flock of ducks for a family that is truly in need rather than spending our money on little trinkets or knick-knacks. we are so blessed and have so many "things"--i feel like we could really use our money in better ways and the heifer project is an awesome opportunity to make a difference.

so whether you're out at the stores at 4 a.m. this morning, or sleeping off the turkey like i will be--think about ways you can give back this holiday season and use your money to support some great causes out there.