Wednesday, November 11, 2009

catching up on editing--part 2!

as promised, i finished up keely's senior portrait shoot just a little while ago. love these downtown/urban shots and some new locations in that area...
this mural was begging to be photographed.
okay, take it back. this WHOLE BUILDING was begging to be photographed.

i'm digging the high key black and white here, and the wind was totally working for keely!

another favorite spot. love all of the textures--brick, metal, rust, greenery. just plain awesome!
we had a cutesy umbrella just in case. we didn't actually need it, but it made for a nice prop :)

really loving this one...
and my favorite of the day. seriously. keely, you look amazing here!
alright, 2 down. 2 more to go from that weekend of shooting...