Wednesday, April 21, 2010

day 2 in savannah

we started out saturday by heading downtown for breakfast. our tour guide had told us that we could not pass up the sticky buns at goose feathers cafe. he was right--my mouth still waters at this picture...

it was a busy day in the city, with the susan g. komen race for the cure going on, along with a bike race up by forsyth park for earth day. we had to trek across town to washington square to meet jonathan for our architectural tour. bobby had suggested him after i mentioned in my e-mail that justin was interested in the architecture of the city, and we were able to join the morning tour. he did a great job of starting with the earliest structure in the city and working on up to modern architecture. (one of my favorites below)
it's amazing what you will notice when you have a tour guide actually pointing it out and explaining the architectural styles. though justin definitely got more out of it than i did, i took plenty of pictures as we made our way through the city.
here's jonathan explaining the wall material ("tabby," a mixture of oyster shells and concrete-like stuff) he's a recent grad of savannah college of art and design and very much an artsy hipster. but we were the closest to his age, so we tended to hang out in the front of the group and talked between stops. nice guy :)
(i asked justin if we were the only young people interested in architecture in the city, and he said probably the only young people interested at 10 am on a saturday. good point.)

(lens flare--makes me happy!)

(jonathan suggested this shot and said he currently had it as the profile picture for his professional facebook page.)
before lunch, we stopped at a couple of shops and i found my new favorite lip gloss at the savannah bee company.
i've always been a big burt's bees user, but savannah bee company might take over... their mint julep flavor is just amazing!

we had lunch reservations at the olde pink house, a beautiful renovated home with delicious food. i had shrimp and grits while justin tried their lobster roll--mmmm, mmm, mmmmm....

and then we worked off our lunch by climbing the stairs to a 7 story parking garage (just kidding, we took the elevator--but it was still worth it for the view!)

the bridge and waterfront off in the distance.
and the incredibly green savannah below us--so gorgeous.
we made one more quick trip down the riverfront to pick up some souvenirs before heading back to our hotel to change for dinner.
(we actually tried to stop at bonaventure cemetery but it was about to close--so we scheduled it for the next day. more about that tomorrow!)

again, tripadvisor guided us for dinner and led us to wylie's barbeque on the way out to tybee island. they're listed #1 for savannah and are well worth it. soooooo good. so good. (for non-vinegar based barbeque, of course--i'm still a eastern NC bbq girl at heart.)
we headed on out to tybee after dinner, and i was surprised at how much this area reminded me of the downeast area past beaufort where my grandparents live. first time i've ever really seen another area that looked like it.
and we had a gorgeous sunset following us down there.
now here's where it got interesting. everything i'd read about tybee said it was a sleepy little beach town, with only a few touristy spots and lots of 1940s-1950s cottages along the main drag in town. so much to our surprise, we hit bumper to bumper traffic with crowds that were reminiscent of myrtle beach on a summer weekend night. we didn't really want to stop and fight the crowds, so we managed to get turned around and headed back out of town, wondering what on earth we had just experienced.

(we did find the lighthouse. it was closed, but it was pretty against the night sky.)
later on that night (after i had already fallen asleep) justin discovered that it was "orange crush" weekend at tybee, where the students of savannah state university triple the population of tybee and hold house parties across the island that require additional police force to deal with the fights and underage drinking. no wonder. we just felt bad for the families that might have rented a house down there for the weekend and unknowingly found themselves in the middle of the hub-bub.

alright, that's enough for tonight. day 3 by this weekend (with fun baby news, too!)