Saturday, April 10, 2010

how to bathe a cat

1. find an almost 15 pound tabby cat that sheds horribly in the spring/summer. yes, you know the kind. the kind that the "garfield" comic strip were written about. it helps if they're a bit anxious and neurotic.

2. put him in the bathtub (and make sure your wife is available to document the whole thing while she simultaneous doubts the ability to do this--i've only bathed a cat once in my life, and there wasn't a 2nd time for a reason.)
(then don't take anymore pictures because this is a 15 lb cat and an additional set of hands is needed to finish the bath.)

have a cup on hand to help rinse and just keep one hand on the cat the whole time. he will eventually give in but continue yowling and panting (his stress defense mechanism.)

3. finally finish the bath and wrap him up like a big kitty burrito.
(laugh uncontrollably while you take these pictures because even though it's sad, it's just so funny at the same time.)
(i don't think milo was amused.)

4. towel him off and then let him begin the tedious process of cleaning himself and "air-drying."
(never thought i'd see his tail that small. wow.)
oh milo.

(he continued cleaning for 45 minutes, and then came out of the room like nothing happened.)

5. clean up the hair that is left behind and just be glad you're not vacuuming it up off your floors for the next two months.

any fun cat-bathing stories out there? after i mentioned it on facebook, i heard from a surprising number of people who regularly bathe their cats.