Thursday, April 29, 2010

day 3 in savannah (and a new hair style)

yes, i'm finally getting around to finishing our weekend trip to savannah--a week and a half later. oh well. better late than never, right?

we packed up sunday morning and headed over to bonaventure cemetery again, when we knew it would be open. i had posted on my facebook the afternoon before about it being closed and asked, "would it be wise to go to visit a cemetery on a sunday morning?" one of our old family friends (and pastor that married us) carl wrote back, "never know what'll happen on sunday in a cemetery. see john 20." i thought that was so funny!

we weren't the only ones visiting--there were plenty of other cars and tour groups driving around, but it is such a large place that we were only saw other tourists occasionally.
and i loved the statues and just the overall environment. amazing...
it was so peaceful, too--quiet and just perfect for exploring around.
and photography-wise, the lighting was just amazing!
this one had a story, of course--i had to wait until we got home to look it up:
"Another statue made famous by the people who have visited the cemetery, is of a small girl. Gracie Watson is a girl who is buried in the cemetery. This life size statue is a supposed depiction of her. Many people who have visited the cemetery will leave presents or trinkets in her lap. Legend has it if the present is taken away, the statue of the girl will actually cry tears of blood and she will cry out into the night. Whether or not anyone has actually seen or heard this is yet to be discovered."d
so we took a few last pictures...
and then headed back into the downtown area for sunday brunch at j. christopher's where i had the most amazing hazelnut french toast. mmm hmmm.....
we had purchased a ticket the day before to tour the owens-thomas house that also gave us entry into two of the other museums, the jepson center for modern art...
and the telfair museum of art (that was absolutely beautiful inside and included the statue from the "midnight in the garden of good and evil" cover.)
one last picture in the squares...
and then on the road for the long 6 hour drive home (with a stop at south of the border, of course!)
okay, this is a great picture to show the length that my hair was about a week or so ago. between pre-natal vitamins and pregnant hormones, my layers have been growing out like crazy. i really wanted to get them trimmed up this past weekend, and my regular hair stylist couldn't see me until later in the week. so i decided to risk it and do a walk-in haircut, bringing this picture with me--one of my favorite hairstyles that i've had. cute shag cut with lots of layers, enough length on the bottom to flip out. well, it didn't turn out that way. i ended up with a bowl-cut single layer bob around the top with a clippered 2-3 inch section at the bottom. i immediately pleaded to my regular stylist to squeeze me in before the end of the week to fix it, and she warned me that it'd be short in order to blend in with the nearly-shaved section near my neck.

and it's short, but i love it--so cute and perfect for the summer! honestly, i'd always wanted to try this haircut, but never had the guts to go that short before. good to know that i can pull it off!
i've already started stocking up on cute headbands and clips, and believe me--i will be rocking the flowered headband at some point. i now have the curls and volume to pull it off! (oh, and i'm red again. thank you, end of first trimester!)
a view of the back--here, you can clearly see what we were working with as far as the clippered section goes. granted, it's growing incredibly fast and will soon be curls like everything else. but imagine that section with a straight bob that ends just above it? like a horrendous 90s bowl cut that was not working for me.
more of the back--really looks red here!
and then just cause i had the tripod out and wasn't in my pajamas, a belly picture.
so that was a random transition of two totally different topics, but both blog-worthy. do you have any crazy haircut stories? walk-in disasters? come commiserate with me!