Saturday, April 24, 2010

quick saturday update

i'll finish up the savannah weekend by tomorrow--there's actually not too much left to cover, so i'll probably do that tomorrow afternoon or later on tonight.

we ended our busy week with a trip to see the kinston indians play last night. i saw that they were doing fireworks after the game, and being a sucker for fireworks and sporting events on beautiful spring evenings, i picked us up a pair of tickets and we had a great time.

even though the indians lost, the fireworks were well worth the trip. seriously, it was easily a 10-15 minute show, with consistent, good fireworks.

after we got home, i hopped on over to the relay for life that was going on at the local high school that's about a mile or so from our house. it was the first time in a couple years that i hadn't been photographing it or a part of a team, but i still knew there would be plenty of people over there to see and catch up with. so i made a couple of laps around, finding a good late-night snack and visiting with friends from church, the school where i used to work, and even a couple of family members :)

while i was out, justin was having fun with the dog back at home. he found my sunglasses on the bed and managed to get pepper to pose--i can't believe she sat still for this!
maybe it's because she's gotten plenty of exercise in our brand-new, fenced-in backyard! the posts went in while we were gone last weekend, and they came back to complete the fence on thursday. we've loved it, and honestly, so has she. this is going to make our lives a million times easier when the baby comes and one of us doesn't have to go out with pepper on her leash every time she needs to use the bathroom.
the view of the right side--and a cable running across because we think the fence guys hit one of the internet cables while putting in the posts. we were without internet here for a couple of days, and when the service tech came out yesterday morning, that was his diagnosis. they'll come back to bury a new line sometime next week.
and finally, a baby update! we got to hear the heartbeat on thursday, and i wish so much that we had recorded it. honestly, it was first thing in the morning and i think both of us were too excited to think about asking if we could pull out the camera to video it. it came in at 160 bpm, which i know is high and could possibly mean a girl, but one of my dr. friends reminded me that that idea actually has no validity. i had also just eaten right before our appointment, which i've read could affect the heart rate, too. we'll definitely ask to record it next time, which will be in about a month. the BIG ultrasound will be in june, and i cannot wait.

and finally, a belly shot. we've been taking weekly pictures all along, but this is the first week where i've felt like it's "really" there. i'm only 12 weeks along, and i feel like i'm showing a lot for that point. one of my friends pointed out that when you're shorter (which i am) the belly has nowhere to go but out. i'm not eating a lot more than normal (though this picture is reminding me to do some arm exercises to tone up a little bit. i can't wait til it's warm enough to swim!)
(and there's a teensy part of me that think there might be two in there. and the fact that several others have asked me if there's two in there. but that's just crazy talk, right?)

alright, off to get ready for the day--two photo jobs lined up, with some plans to start organizing the guest room and game room to prepare for baby take-over.