Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a special birthday party (and worship music wednesday)

yesterday afternoon, a small group gathered at a church playground to celebrate a very special little boy.
he would have been a year old and every child still deserves that first birthday party.
i loved what jeremy said as he and lindsey greeted us--that we weren't here to mourn, but to celebrate and to remember. he wrote today--if we mourn, it's not because he's not here--it's because we're not there.

we each got a card and marker to write our birthday wishes to him...with some of the little ones drawing him pictures
and then everyone tying their card to a balloon to send up to him.

"thinking of you and smiling"--i liked this one.
then we all got together and untangled the rest of the balloons, holding on tight in the brisk wind that was blowing yesterday.
jeremy and lindsay wrestling the balloons (with lindsay's adorable baby bump collen)
and then we sang him happy birthday, letting go on the last word and watching as the balloons flew up and (mostly) over the trees.
i got choked up singing his name, sad that he wasn't here, not believing that it had been a year since we all got the text that he was here, since my first visit over to their house to bring dinner and peek at that adorable baby.

but we were celebrating his life, his brief four months on this earth...
and i wiped away my tears and imagined how ayden would enjoy looking at the balloons, just as any child would.
and we smiled and hugged and had a party for an amazing boy who has touched our hearts forever.
though i didn't write about it last week, please be sure you read this amazing post of patrice's from gabe's birthday last week.

and since you'll have the tissues out after reading that one, here's the song that i chose for worship music wednesday this week. i call it "ayden's song," but it's the song that lindsey has used for her tagline on their blog, mercy me's "homesick." it is absolutely beautiful and it makes me think of him every time i hear it.