Thursday, November 03, 2005

almost friday :)

so last night, i decided to join the college group at church to attend this concert. i had seen the david crowder band before when we went to a concert up at duke a couple of years ago, and since this one was just over in the greenville convention center and only $10, i spent my wednesday night damaging my hearing while also listening to some AWESOME music. every now and then, it's so great to have a pick-me-up, feel-good Christian concert experience. reminds me of the youth rallies and pilgrimages from back in the old days.

by the way, have i mentioned that my growth group counselor from the summer after my sophomore year of high school at breakaway now has a kid here and is helping the 9th graders produce a literary magazine. talk about a blast from the past... and he did remember me!

field trip tomorrow with kindergarten and 5th graders--one of our teachers is temporarily in a wheelchair and would have a hard time with these activities. soooo... i'm filling in and will be gone for most of the day. but atleast it'll be friday!

time for work--later!

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