Monday, November 07, 2005

before i go to bed...

tacky day tomorrow. i thought about being very punny and figuring out some way to put thumbtacks all over me, but then decided it would ultimately lead to me getting poked or poking someone else, and i just didn't want to deal with that. so i'm going with some funky outfit involving much layering and some tie-dyed socks.

bunco tonight was quite amusing. i love the fact that i can spend my evening playing this mindless game with women who are old enough to be my mom. it's a great way to get to know my faculty members outside of work, and to simply have a relaxing evening with a lot of laughter and some cute prizes. after my second time, i've learned it's so not about the actual game but sitting around and talking afterwards and while you're playing. good times, good times.

and i'm trying to keep justin from being extremely stressed out this week. as it is, he's going to be working overtime every night this week so it'll pretty much be friday again before i see him. such is the life of a busy designer doing 2 or 3 jobs around the office...miss you, honey.

time for bed... night!

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