Tuesday, November 22, 2005

helllooooo holidays

so it's finally that time again--a few days off of school where i get to completely relax, see friends and family and be unproductive while also getting paid! yes :)

heading to fayetteville tomorrow, coming back on friday, football game on saturday, and to raleigh on sunday for a second thanksgiving with dad's side of the family. it's actually not quite as busy as i thought it might be, but you know, i'm not complaining. it's nice to have a relaxed holiday every now and then...

my newly hooked-up washer sprung a leak about half an hour ago. nothing too serious, just a little bit of a spill but enough to warrant some concern. so after consulting with justin over the phone, i have tightened the hoses and the leak is gone. yay for me!

last tuesday, marilyn and i met at the mall and she got her ears pierced--of course, since i totally documented the "locks of love" haircut when she lost 10 inches of hair, this also had to be properly photographed. so here she is in one mid-piercing...

and afterwards, a smiling face and some very sparkly ears!

and just in case you were wondering, here's a picture of my christmas tree in my new apartment...so festive :)

singing christmas tree at snyder next weekend--in my opinion, that's the beginning of my holiday season. i've got extra tickets if you're interested!

travel safe. have a great holiday. and above all--be thankful!

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