Thursday, November 24, 2005

no day but today

so it has been about 8 months or so since i first saw rent on broadway, and i was so excited to hear that it was also coming out as a movie in the fall. it finally came out, after much anticipation, and tonight i went to see it with miss maggie grace (my fayetteville friend) and fell in love again with the rich harmonies of this awesome musical.

the story line is moving--it shakes your opinions on some very controversial topics, and for some people, it is eye-opening and makes them question biases or beliefs they once held. for me, it is another window on a culture of society that is often misunderstood, and a reflection of true "la vie boheme." above all, it is a well-written, thematic musical with this depth of harmonies and intertwining melodies that continues to give me goose bumps. the songs get stuck in my head and i cannot get them out, nor do i want to, and they just cycle around, repeatedly showing the emotion and voices of the characters. how do you measure a year? how about love...seasons of love.

loved this movie. so glad i got to see it with my maggie. and i have a feeling once i get back to greenville, jennifer will have to see it, too :) a plus--"the producers" is coming out in movie version again, with matthew broderick and nathan lane. now that's going to be awesome.

throwback moment of the night--i forgot my glasses and contact case in greenville and came to fayetteville with only my contacts. so in order to function and not hurt my eyes, i'm currently wearing my old glasses circa 7th grade. a slightly different prescription, a very different frame style. what was i thinking in the mid-90's?

look up the lyrics to "rent." or get the soundtrack.... it's worth it :)

i can't control my destiny
i trust my soul, my only goal is just to be
there's only now, there's only here
give in to love or live in fear
no other path, no other way
no day but today...

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