Monday, November 14, 2005

so it's gonna be a fun week

i won't get into lots of details about what's happened over the past couple of days, mainly cause it feels like i've told these stories a million times, and also cause i'm not sure how good of an idea it is to put it out on the web. just suffice it to say that it's been dramatic, and i think the drama is finally subsiding. i have a new perspective on the responsibilities of landlords, i have had my faith in mankind shaken slightly, but in the end, i'm reassured that all will work out and i will be able to get back to normal soon. particularly at the end of the week...

speaking of the end of the week--it's moving time! across the parking lot. if you think you can help on friday night, let me know and i will kiss your feet when i see you. by the way, i have only 5 boxes in my apartment and absolutely nothing packed. t-minus 96 hours and counting...

meanwhile, in the real world, i love my job. i love my co-workers even more. colorguard flags have been shipped and should be here any day. i got three roses in a bud vase from a five year old boy today (and, i guess, his mom, but it's cuter to say they're from him.) what can i say? i have my admirers :)

and i'm eternally grateful to rob and leigh, who are hosting me and the cats right now. especially when leigh is just one spicy burrito away from going into labor. could be any day now--can't wait for this baby boy to get here!

that's all for now...i'll keep y'all updated on the moving progress. later!

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