Tuesday, November 29, 2005

and the search continues...

so after returning from thanksgiving break, the fifth grade class beside my office was dismayed to discover that the door to their hamster cage was open and their baby hamster was gone. they waited a day to see if he showed up again, and when he didn't, they began posting signs along the hall. "LOST HAMSTER (or hampster, depending on who wrote it) THIS BIG (with the appropriate sized circle) VERY FAST, IF FOUND, RETURN TO FIFTH GRADE"

so today, the search has continued for our lost baby hamster. children are scattering crackers on the floor, hoping to lure him out of his hiding place. crazy contraptions involving paper towel tubes, plastic cups and oats are set up in corners of the rotunda. and now, after school, a search party is taking place as the concerned middle school students go up and down the hall with flashlights, trying to uncover the class pet.

(there's also been talk among the faculty of ending the melodrama with either a trip to petsmart or creative use of a lucky rabbit's foot--whether this happens, we'll have to see...personally, i think our recent issue of finding garden snakes and copperheads outside of the school is going to take of this)

so if anyone sees a hamster, especially one in my office, let me know. we're keeping an eye out for him :)

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