Saturday, November 19, 2005

home, sweet home

so here i am, post-move. i'm so glad it's over and i only have one potential slightly stressful situation to deal with next week. the move went well considering how quickly it was organized, and i am very grateful for my brother and his fraternity brothers for helping me out with the heavy stuff. also to linda and brandon for pitching in. with this being the...5th move? that linda and i have done together (either with her helping me or us moving both of our stuff) she was a pro and was able to come in and take over while i went to pick up justin from a car accident that he was involved in (not his fault, he's fine, and the insurance is taking care of everything--if you want details, check out his site on the right). most importantly, the cats can play all they want with no worrying about how much noise they're making. PLUS--it's handicapped accessible, so the kitchen is wider, the hallway is wider and there's twice as much bathroom counter space. now that's some perks :)

i'm getting ready for the holiday season and all of the events that go along with it. it's like my schedule is already solidly booked through the next five weeks, and it's not even thanksgiving yet. however, i'm excited about everything coming up and i can't wait to put up my christmas tree and decorate it :) would this week be too early?

best thing about the holiday season (atleast in the grocery store)--little debbie christmas tree cakes. yum!

that's all for now--later!

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