Sunday, November 27, 2005

three weeks to go...

so thanksgiving weekend is winding down, and after much time with family in fayetteville, justin's family here in greenville and the mason clan in youngsville, i'm back at home and getting ready for the next three weeks until i get a hefty two week-two day vacation break that makes my measley school counselor salary all worth while.

the weekend ended up being great, with a couple of nice evenings with justin's dad, stepmom and sister, and then an awesome football game yesterday with mom and grandma where we watched alan perform his last show as a marching pirate (and watched the pirates hit up UAB to keep them out of the bowl running). most amusing part of this--watching john bream compete as part of the halftime promotion for the GMAC bowl trying to put on a football uniform faster than his other four competitors. i've included a picture just for linda and matthew and the other people out there who would've found this extremely amusing :)

and today, we made it up to billy and maryanne's to meet with that whole side of the family for thanksgiving, including getting to see joseph again. so cute... pictures of him will be up soon!

the next three weeks are going to be crazy...the holidays get busy veeeeery quickly. but drop me a line and i'll make an effort to squeeze you in. and if you're already in my planner--well, you're just lucky.


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