Monday, April 27, 2009

baby shower #3

so my final shower (at least for the next few months) was for my dear friend lisa. lisa has earned her popularity through the now-famous "face plant in the cake." something we couldn't believe she did, but all secretly wish we could have done, too :)
this was a surprise shower for her, and we were excited to finally invite her in to join us after everyone arrived! she was very surprised and happy to visit with all of us, many whom she hadn't seen in a while. lisa and i have been "hit or miss" seeing each other over the past three years. she was one of the only other employees with a "therapy" degree at the school where we worked together, and i often turned to her for advice or just to vent. since then, we've seen each other at barbeques or similar trainings in the mental health field, but the conversations are never long enough!
ethan was on hand to help open the presents for himself and his baby brother.his grandmother, who is very talented with sewing and quilting, made a dinosaur quilt for both boys. ethan's had the "big" dinosaurs, and he had fun identifying all of the big guys on the quilt.a group shot of everyone who came out--the girl who sat across from me at lunch looked awfully familiar, and we figured out that we had both been at krissy's shower the week before! does that mean that you're going to too many showers when you start to run into all the same people? i had a great time catching up with christine, and i realized how much i miss our conversations in the office :)
and finally, lisa and me. i miss her so much! i can't wait to meet her new little boy and get together with her more often. she's one of those friends i can pick right up where we left out, even if it's been months--but i hope it's not months before i see her next time.

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