Sunday, April 12, 2009

easter festivities

before i run down our Easter activities, let me show off my "official" tar heel born certificate.
the most amusing thing about this? well, we have the "proclamation of authentic tar heel fan, rams of rams: totally proficient in the skills of basketball, football, baseball, golf, tennis, etc..."

i think i missed out on that one. anyone seen me play tennis? or golf? i mean, my organized sports experience is limited to a couple of seasons of church league softball. and that was even stretching it.

BUT i am otherwise considered "officially" tar heel born.

so, back to our quick road trip for Easter.

nothing like riding along with the wind in your ears--right, pepper?
we headed towards fayetteville on saturday afternoon and took a scenic route down one of my favorite streets. there were still a good number of dogwood trees blooming, and though north churchill wasn't in full bloom, it was still a nice little drive through town.we had a great dinner at grandma's with alan, rachel, nancy and tanya. it was the first time we've seen most of them since Christmas, and it was nice to catch up with them. we had a rough time with pepper, though. she had a crazy streak of energy and several "bad dog" moments that got her sent outside. i'm not sure if it was the long day, the number of people or the other dogs around grandma's yard. but it was very frustrating and her behavior was just unpredictable. i'm ready for her to outgrow the "puppy" phase, and considering she'll be a year old this week, i'm hoping it will be sooner rather than later.

this morning, we headed to hay street for the Easter service. i always love seeing everyone from growing up--it's like a UMYF reunion for every major holiday :)
me and justin in our sunday best, with the easter lilies.we ran back home to change and pick up pepper before we headed back home for the "britner" easter.
after lunch, we had our annual easter egg hunt, where we could only find the eggs with our names on them.
i was happy not to be the last one to find mine this year. the past couple of years, it's taken me forever to find my eggs!
and then, just because it's not Easter without them, we had our egg dying. we made sure that each of the animals got one...
and then i had fun with a couple of others--our upcoming wedding anniversary, the tarheel championship, and justin's football. i do enjoy some good egg decorating.

so that's it. i'm not quite sure where our weekend went, and i'm still doing laundry and trying to catch up on stuff around the house. i am excited about spring break, simply because i can see my clients anytime during the day so that should give me a little more flexibility with my schedule.

anyone else have a fun Easter weekend?

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