Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i feel like a winner

part of this whole "blogging" thing that i have gotten into is some of the awesome giveaways. honestly, it's so easy. just by leaving a comment, i can enter myself into a contest to randomly win jewelry, or a book, or a nice personalized family plaque to hang in our home (all contests i've entered before.)

and if i blog about it, or tweet about it, or put something on my facebook, i can enter myself into the contest again. granted, i don't normally do this, but occasionally it's worth it.

and with all of these contests, i've never won a thing. until monday, that is...

jo-lynne over at "musings of a housewife" (talk about a professional blogger--four blogs that she keeps up, including product reviews and a blog design business of her own) was doing an orla kiely bag give-away. the website all about cute is sponsoring it, and because i was the 92nd commenter--i won the bag! so excited about that. i can't wait til it gets here. as someone who has never really spent over $40 for a purse, this is a huge deal.

anyone else won a blog give-away before?

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