Saturday, April 25, 2009

celebrate, remember, fight back.

relay for life continues to be one of my favorite events to photograph. the stories of the survivors, the memories of friends and family members who lost their battle with cancer, the amazing support shown by community groups who come together to raise money for this important cause--it gets to me every time.
i feel blessed to have so many survivors that i know, people who have gone through the treatments, the rounds of chemo and radiation, and have made it through to continue living their lives.

and i know i am also blessed to have known those who lived their lives to the fullest, who touched so many people with their story, their energy, the love that they showed to everyone around is a truly inspiring event, marked with commemorative laps, the recognition of those affected by cancer, and the belief that together, we can raise money to find a cure.

it is an event where i see people from every "group" of my life--work, church, social groups, college, friends of friends--everyone comes together to walk a few laps, buy some tasty food or unique gift items, and celebrate life with one another.and when the sun goes down and the lights go out and the names are called, of those we are walking in memory of, in honor of--that's my favorite time. there are always a few tears, leaning on one another as we listen for the names of our loved ones.
but in the background, rising above the names and the memories and the people we're walking for--there's always "HOPE."
and the possibility that one day, there will be a "CURE."

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