Thursday, April 23, 2009


i'm trying to figure out the best way to word this post, and i'm also trying so hard not to break confidentiality. so if it breaks it, i promise i'll take it down. but here it goes...

there are some days in my line of work that i don't know quite what i'm going to do. today was one of those days. i knew going into it that i would have some completely unique experiences. today, i was moving one of our families into a homeless shelter.

how do you choose what possessions to take with you? and how do you prepare yourself for the complete uproot that your family is going to experience? in this situation, we were going from one city to another, with different schools, different county systems and different support networks. being a professional mover that i am, i was ready this morning to pack up stuff and put it in storage until they're ready to move into their own home. then it was on to scouting out community resources, getting maps and transportation schedules and waiting for the children to get out of school.

we made it through the whole day without too much trouble, and then it came time for checking in to the shelter. and then it became real. we were leaving this family there, and we got to see the whole intake process. i was reassured by the staff there, and i know i'll see them again tomorrow to tie up some loose ends at their previous home. but for the next couple of weeks, they will have to wait in line to make sure that they get a bed, and will live out of their two allotted bags (per person.)

and what's crazy is that two weeks ago, this family was fine. sure, they were living paycheck to paycheck. but then the paycheck disappeared, utilities were shut off and here we are.

be thankful. be appreciative of everything you have. there's always going to be a bigger house, a better TV, that new piece of furniture that you just have to have. but be thankful for what you have, that you have a roof over your head, electricity and water, and even the luxuries of cable and internet.

the amazing thing about all of this--this is a mother who is very spiritual. as we stood in the office, she looked around and said, "hmph...this place needs some Jesus. maybe that's the point of all of this. maybe that's why we're here."

maybe that is why we're here.

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  1. Lauren, great blog, thanks for the reminder, life can get so busy that you forget to appreciate what you have.