Tuesday, April 21, 2009

two years ago...

i had one of the happiest days of my life. i mean, i think my face says it all in this picture, right?

(funny story is--our car wasn't even there! we staged the exit for the photographers but then stayed for another hour or so and changed into jeans and our "just married" life is good shirts. priorities, you know?)

since that most happy day, we've shared many many many "happy days" with our friends and family...(okay, so the last two don't have a bride in groom in them, but they're from maggie's and sarah's weddings, respectively.)

and as my full weekends of bridal showers and multiple weddings turn to baby showers and photographing births (though not a common occurrence), we celebrate our 2nd year of marriage.

(and no, i'm not making that post. sheesh, people. it's only been two years. patience, patience...the animals are giving us a run for our money as it is)

at any rate, i am madly in love with this wonderful man...
and we have had an incredible two years of marriage.

from a tropical honeymoon...

to spending holidays with family...from our first house...
and those everyday moments in between.
we love life. we love one another.
and in the end, that's all that matters.
happy anniversary, sweetheart. here's to the last two years--and many more to come.

*wedding photos by carolina mediastar photographers*


  1. Linda8:46 AM

    Aww cute pics! Happy anniversary! Love ya :)

  2. Happy Anniversary guys!

  3. Very sweet, Lauren....Happy Anniversary guys!