Sunday, April 19, 2009

the rest of piratefest :)

so we got up ready to go on saturday morning, with a combination of errands and fun outings to fill our day. after dropping off justin's car for an oil change, we headed out to the pigskin pig-out to get some barbeque for lunch. it was pretty cool to see drake out there from top dog academy, doing a demonstration for the crowds. he was jumping rope with one of them when we walked up--so talented!
the barbeque was delicious--but did anyone else think it was ridiculous to pay $3 for a 20 oz. soda? so crazy! we had fun seeing some old friends and watching the pirate football players sign autographs and mingle with the crowd.

after that, we headed downtown for the other piratefest events.
i was scheduled to photograph the international festival for the paper and had a great time capturing the belly dance performances and the other groups that came out to show off their culture and nationalities.

(by the way, let me share here that we almost had a major situation because--yet again--i took out my memory card friday night to upload the pictures and forgot to put it back in. so i go to take my first shot and--"no memory card" flashes up on the screen. luckily, after my last mishap, justin put a tiny 2 GB card in my bag for just these moments. i usually use an 8 GB card that lets me take several hundred photos. i only had room for a little over 100 pictures i could take, so i was very diligent in what i photographed that day. no more taking out the memory card. no more.)

after the international festival, i headed out to enjoy the pirate marketplace and other areas of the festival closer to the 5th street area. i had the best time browsing all of the art vendors, and even bought a couple of necklaces (not these, i just thought these were colorful and cool looking.)
by the time i got home, i was tired, hot and unfortunately--sunburned. the rest of the night was spent going through my standard sunburn process: aloe, drinking lots of water, ibuprofen and a cool oatmeal bath. we also had a delicious dinner that justin grilled for an early celebration of our anniversary (on tuesday).

today, we had church this morning (justin helped with the slides and did a great job for his first time--way to go, hon!) and i got caught up on some cleaning and switching out my winter/summer clothes. i also got ready for krissy's baby shower, where i'd finally be delivering maddie and marley's shelves and letters.
i am so thrilled to have them finished! even though a couple of new projects have already taken their place, the size will be just a little more manageable now.

krissy's baby shower was beautiful, with cute party games and some delicious snacks and cake.
i apologize about the quality of these photos--some of them weren't as clear as i wanted, but it was the little camera and i didn't really want to use the flash.
krissy, marley and maddie all had lots of presents to open... and maddie did a great job of helping with the gifts, too.

once she realized she had a captive audience, she started to really get into it :)

now it's into a full work week, with our anniversary added in. i'll be photographing relay for life on friday night, and i am looking forward to that. anyone else have big plans for this week?

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