Thursday, April 09, 2009

quick post before the holiday weekend

making a post like i did on monday night always brings a little bit of anxiety with it. as much as i want to be confident in my team, you're always afraid of the unthinkable happening.

but with an easy 15-20 point lead through the majority of the game, it was one of the least stressful championship games i've ever watched. and i'm proud of my boys :)
i've perhaps gotten myself wrapped up in a few too many projects lately--all of them fun and wonderful, but none of them getting done in a speedy amount of time. i've got some motivation now, though. i've started doing "craft night" with some of my middle school youth group girls, so i know that marley's shelf will be worked on for AT LEAST one hour each week. and now that i've seen how adorable it looks with the patchwork pieces being outlined and with cute patterns on them, i've got even more motivation to finish it (especially before she gets here!)
i was also asked to help out with another "fancy nancy" party this past sunday, with my good friend renee. renee knows how to throw a party, and she does a fabulous job! (available for hire if you want the coolest, most creative party on the block)
this one was for parker, an adorable girl who had the best time (and in my opinion, looks uncannily like lucy from "chronicles of narnia.) though i'm still trudging through the 600+ photos that i took at the 2 hr party, i'm having a tough time deciding which ones to leave be and which ones to drag into photoshop to mess with. i do have several favorites that jumped out at me right off the bat...

renee as "miss divine" from fancy nancy books, and cutie pie parker.
love this so much--wish i had gotten a different angle, though--lower rather than up high--taken from inside the coolest playhouse ever.

this one makes me smile. it remind me of a bathroom mirror with women of any age--just primping :)
justin and i are both working tomorrow (no good friday off for us) and i have another two photo shoots planned for the weekend if the weather holds out. the only thing about not having studio space... at any rate, we'll be heading to fayetteville on saturday afternoon for easter celebrations with my family and will come on back home in time for more easter with justin's family. and i've just gotten justin's agreement that we'll dye eggs tomorrow night :) my favorite easter activity! more pictures of that to come, of course. i hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend and for the students/school people, have a fabulous spring break!

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