Sunday, September 13, 2009

the 'eers have it

ahh, my dear pirate nation. pee dee supporters. purple and gold bleeders.

we lost. though we made several fabulous fumble recoveries, kept up for the most part, and fought against several unusual penalty calls (holding on the kicking team? delay of game on the defense?)--in the end, we are still win-less on mountaineer field.

i did have a great time watching the game with my friends, and yes, even my mountaineer cheering in-laws! i loved seeing the responses on both blogs, getting the fans involved and continuing this great rivalry between two powerhouse football teams.

but in the end, a bet is a bet and rebecca has the floor:

(p.s. pepper needs a navy and gold outfit for wednesday. can anyone give us a hand?)

WVU 35 ECU 20

So, when I first told the man (my hubs) I'd challenged Lauren to a bloggy bet, his first question was "Please tell me you did not bet on the Mountaineers?"

I, of course, had done just that.

I never almost never vote on the Mountaineers.

Why, if you are such a die-hard fan, would you not bet on your team, you ask?

Well, first, and most-relevant to this bloggy bet, is last year's game at ECU. Did anyone (come on ECU fans, even you) really think WVU would lose 24-3? Nope.

How about 2 years ago when WVU played Pitt at home and all we had to do was beat our 13-point underdog arch-rivals and we'd have a spot to play for the National Championship? Pitt 13 - WVU 9. 'Nuf said.

Still not convinced as to why I wouldn't bet on the Mountaineers? How about this little sad fact: WVU is the winningest college football program to not have won a National Championship.

Being a Mountaineer fan comes with tons of fun - and, sometimes, tons of heartache.

And yesterday had a whole lot of both.

For all of the first 5 minutes and much of the first half of yesterday's game, I thought I was in for more heartache. Don't get me wrong, I never give up on the 'eers, but I was worried. I even looked at the man and said, this is what I get for betting on them.

But, I must say, a victory like today's is made all that much sweeter because of the heartaches of the past. This Mountaineer team rallied from a 10-0 hole, through 4 turnovers, and 11 penalties (3 in the first 2 minutes) for 104 yards to a victory! This Mountaineer team proved it has what it takes and that maybe, just maybe, the doubters are wrong.

ECU was a worthy adversary, as they frequently are, last year wasn't the first time they beat WVU. They came to play. And play they did. Convert those turnovers for touchdowns and it's a whole different ball game. A fan who sits beside us was calling for WVU's second team with 6 minutes to go and the score at 35 - 20. Coach Stewart knew better. He knew not to allow ECU to strike again and risk swinging momentum back. "Respect All, Fear None" is what Coach Stewart says all the time. ECU showed us real quick that we'd better respect them, and our team answered by not fearing them.

For today, my voice will crack and break as it recovers, but with each crack, I will smile ~ the cost of victory.

And most importantly, a Mountaineer team from which no one knew what to expect this year will walk a little prouder; will boast a 2-0 record; will have overcome a horrible start to play to victory; and maybe, just maybe, will have earned the respect of those who doubt.

Let's GOOOOO Mountaineers!!!!