Friday, September 04, 2009

pirate pup

look who's ready for the game tomorrow...

now granted, we aren't actually going to make it to dowdy-ficklen. it's a sold-out game. it's on TV. i'm on crisis phone and could get called out. it's the first week of september with a 12 pm kick-off. though we have had lovely overcast skies and comfortable weather the past week, it potentially could have been 95 with 100% humidity. and i just don't do well with those odds.
but we'll be cheering them on (either from home or a local establishment with wings and many many tvs and other fans.)



(i have leftover material if anyone else wants a bandana for their pup...)


  1. Buster told me that he would love it if Pepper Dog would share. . .

    SO CUTE! :)

  2. Love it! The Joneses are painting it purple on Friday too!

  3. We can only be inter-friends for one more day - then we must take a break for a week - then, maybe, depending on next weekend's game, we can be friends again.

    Why? Because ECU broke my heart last year and I'm READY for some REVENGE!

    But good luck this weekend!

  4. Thanks for visiting - just wanted to make sure you read my comment as if it were said with a smile on my face and in my heart - I'm all about friendly competition and teasing and when I came back and read it I realized it may have come across harsher than I intended :).

  5. So adorable! We are SO excited about the game. We will be watching it on tv too.