Thursday, September 03, 2009

not just for wet floors, banana peels or freudish comments

quick poll---how many of you out there own (and wear) a slip on a regular basis?

alright, now how many of you are under 30?

for whatever reason, there is a generation that has missed out on the benefits--nay, the necessity--of the slip.

and they sell them at target, so i know they COULD be purchased by our teeny boppers and young professionals.

so what's holding us back? is there a slip stigma? that these are only allowed for our mothers and grandmothers (who have narry a visible panty line in sight, might i add) but it's okay for ladies under 30 to flounce around in flimsy dresses and skirts without that extra layer?

do the 360 degree mirror check. all the way around (often times, that's the viewpoint that needs the slip the most.) watch how the skirt falls, where it might catch, and ask yourself, "do i want everyone to see this?" ponder what might happen if the sunlight hits you just the right (or wrong, rather) way. walk around a little bit and see how the fabric moves. and then, go out to target (or any other department store) and invest in a slip or two (always helps to have different lengths--i've been known to wear a longer one higher up on my waist empire-style to cover any waistband-area issues). and WEAR THEM.

your sunday school class, fellow students and party-goers will thank you :)

(a quick google search showed me that i'm not the only one concerned about this trend.)


  1. The only times I need to wear a skirt or dress is for church, and I ALWAYS wear a slip, especially with a little boy tugging and pulling on my hemline. I'm always afraid he'll try and pull it UP, so it's nice to have that security. Seriously, why don't girls wear slips anymore?

  2. I guess they just want to give it away. I feel sorry for them.

  3. I bet I could have asked an auditorium full of high school girls what a slip was and about 4 of them would have a clue...

  4. I totally agree! Being a teacher and watching this generations fashion trends...slips are surely out, panty-hose out, with skinny jeans, big boobs, and tight, tight clothing. It's rough!

    I'm still rockin' the slip!