Wednesday, September 09, 2009

pepper's anniversary

today, my friends, is pepper's anniversary with us.

she showed up as this little five pound, four-month-old puppy. on a trial basis (i knew she was staying--she just had to wear justin down.)

it's been 12 months of early morning trips out, numerous walks around the neighborhood, and more wal-mart dog outfits than i care to admit to.

it's been scads of stuffed animals that somehow lose their stuffing, rawhide chews and squeak toys that meet untimely deaths, and six weeks of obedience classes that helped her survive a little bit longer in our house.

it's been dog-proofing the house, guarding our food when we get up, and watching the cats slowly tolerate her more and more.

and finally, it's been a learning experience. the cats essentially took care of themselves. the dog is different. she needs you. has you getting up in the morning, checking on her through out the day. she teaches you responsibility and patience.

and loves you like no other animal can.

i know a day will come when pepper has to take the back burner to more persistant--more human--loves. but she has been our first "baby," our first attempt of taking care of a little one, and she will always be my dear, sweet pepper-dog.

happy anniversary, pep. and here's to many more...


  1. Too cute! Brody's 2nd birthday is coming up at the end of October. We're thinking of getting him a dog-friendly cake :)

    Brody is our first child as well :)

  2. Happy Anniversary Pepper! Such a sweet post - isn't it amazing how they take root in your hearts, I never knew just how much I could love a pup!