Monday, September 07, 2009

labor day weekend

after justin returned home on saturday, i got to see a different side of pepper for a while. you have to understand, as much as i loved her company while he was gone, she was driving me nuts. way too much energy, wanting to play fetch until 11:30 at night, never able to sit and relax until i put her up for the night. justin told me that it was probably because she responds to me different than him--i rile her up, giving her lots of energy, and he relaxes her and calms her down.

sure enough, within just a little while of being home, here's what i saw on the couch...
she hadn't done that the entire week.


we spent the rest of saturday like that--watching football games and only heading out to run a couple of errands in the evening. i picked up the next "professor layton" game for the nintendo DS--it's a great brain teaser/puzzle game that will keep me busy for the next couple of weeks. i played the first one earlier this year and loved it. one of the few games that i really got into.

yesterday, we got up and went to church in the morning. i stopped by the playground to check out ayden's garden that jeremy, lindsey and their friends and family worked on the day before. i can tell it's going to be a beautiful spot. what a wonderful way to remember him and create a peaceful spot on the church property for family's to enjoy!

after church, we spent the afternoon relaxing, grocery shopping and picking up around the house. i'd gotten the idea to have our small group and other friends over that evening since we weren't having our regular meeting with the labor day holiday. i love having people over every now and then because it forces me to pick up :) we got everything set up for rock band and wii games and had a great time jamming out until almost 11:30.

joshua and jake were over, as well, and we got to see how pepper and the cats did with them.
pepper was very interested in josh and gave him lots of kisses while he was in his carrier. milo wasn't so sure about jake--he's always been intimidated by the little people. jake toddled in the game room after him and then came back out making hissing noises and mimicking one of milo's infamous swats.
by the end of the night, jake had tested out wii resort sports (he was actually pretty good at fencing) and crashed in the guest bedroom while we continued playing rock band.
and pepper eventually lost her socializing rights and ended up in the kitchen. too many people, too much energy. we had 10 adults there, including ourselves, and it was just a little busy for her.
overall, she did okay--she just got a little snappy by the end of it and it was easier to keep her in the kitchen than to have her running around.

we had a great time, though, and it was so much fun to have everyone over. we will definitely have to do it again soon!

today, we have no plans. we've had a nice big breakfast and we're getting started on some rainy day movies. should be an incredibly relaxing day :)

what's in your plans for labor day?

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  1. Yup, it's raining over here too, so we'll be chillin'...having a cookout indoors :)

    Dude, I just finished my first blog makeover, if you know anyone who wants one, have them check me out! Happy Labor Day!