Saturday, September 26, 2009

making things work

this morning, i headed off to rocky mount for a family photo shoot. i had been wanting to use the imperial center for a while now, and luckily, a family contacted me that lived in rocky mount and was totally game for using it! i will definitely be coming back--the textures and architecture here are just amazing...

the photos were mainly to celebrate jackson's upcoming 2nd birthday. wooo, two year olds are tough! always on the move and not quite sure about strange young women with clicking, flashing black cameras.... it took a few minutes for him to warm up, but we were able to get some great shots. and i'm sure the downtown neighborhood enjoyed our renditions of "twinkle twinkle" and "itsy bitsy spider" to keep his attention!

watch out for this guy! hunter has a future as a model one day. he had lots of great ideas and was a natural in front of the camera...

there was also this perfect warehouse/loading dock across the street to add to our urban location--loved these doors and the brick work around them!

and i particularly enjoyed this shoot because of the editing! i've always used some of pioneer woman's actions, but now i'm trying to incorporate more of coffee shop's actions that are a little more complex but SO worth it. this one sorta happened by accident, but i loved the end result. it's gritty and a little dark but looks SO COOL!
the main reason editing was easier this evening was a little investment we made for the photography business. i had been over at brent and emelie's house last weekend and looked at some of my photos on their huge monitor there (brent is a graphic designer.) what i was missing surprised me. there were so many details that i would have wanted to fix if i just could have SEEN them! justin and i had discussed getting a large monitor for my editing earlier in the year but just never got around to it. so we did some price comparing and went shopping this afternoon. now i have a great work station set up in the living room and a lovely 23" HD monitor that shows crystal-clear images. it's a lot easier to use photoshop because i can keep the image on the big screen and my tools/actions on the laptop.
i'm tempted to go back and edit old photos now that i have this new equipment. next step... new camera body? sigh... one day!