Saturday, September 12, 2009

a friendly football challenge...

my fellow pirates, we have been asked to defend our honor.

our spirit. our pirate pride. our johnny depp-imitating reputations.
(one of mine)

from--of all teams--the west virginia university mountaineers.
(from here)

my blog friend rebecca contacted me earlier this week to see if i was interested in participating in a little blogging competition. let's face it, these teams have had QUITE the rivalry over the past few years, and after our surprising (yet so satisfying) win last year at dowdy-ficklen over a ranked WVU team, i have a feeling those mountaineers will be out for revenge.
(from reflector last year--no rushing the field this year, though!)

actually, i'm quite positive of it. rebecca's blog has a "countdown to revenge." much like pirate football, the moutaineers are quite passionate about their team.

i should know. i married into them :)

so the game will start this afternoon at 3:30, and our swashbuckling record is on the line. here we are, defending C-USA champs and already made it through one mountaineer team, going for our first EVER win in milan puskar stadium!

rebecca and i have decided that the fan of the winning team will get a full range of blogging benefits of the next few days--a winning post on both blogs on sunday, winning fight song for music monday, and pictures of the dogs decked out in the winning team's colors for wordless wednesday.

so pirates, if we lose--that's an awful lot of mountaineer we have to endure over the next few days.

country roads.

wvu cheers.

couch burning.

(from here)

(yes, couch burning. google it.)

granted, since we live in a house-divided, i'm not entirely sure that my in-laws would mind the purple and gold turning to navy blue and gold for a few days. but i will back up my alma mater. i mean, do we want to discuss the games i attended in the john thompson era?

so, hop on over to rebecca's blog and let her know that the mountaineers will be walking the plank this afternoon! (while you're over there, check out some of her awesome "can of worms" posts, her 100th post that will tell you everything you need to know, and their recent trip to justin's hometown area along the cheat river and a steelers game. my husband approves of this blog friendship.)

then tune in (especially if you're suddenlink customers for cable or internet--you can catch the game on and cheer on our pirates!

ARRRRRRGGH! go pirates!


  1. Love it! Thanks for all the linky love too :) - that was sweet of you!

    That's all for the niceties though - LET'S GOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS!!!!

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM Beck's former roomie...and WVU fan...
    LET'S GO EERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Alissa :)

  3. Let's go, WVU Mountaineers!!


  5. Let's go PIRATES!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  6. Lets go Mountaineers!!

  7. A hard fought, well-played game! Your Pirates have nothing to be ashamed of - they had our backs against the wall early and kept us honest all afternoon!

  8. A few days late but :) LETTSS GOOOO MOUNTAINEERS! Great game!