Wednesday, September 23, 2009

what i lack in energy i make up for in good intentions

i have decided to kick a bad habit. admittedly, one of the few bad habits i have. i've managed to avoid cigarettes, biting my finger nails, and even twirling my hair.

but... my weakness has been the stimulant drug legally (and occasionally naturally) found in many drinks and foods.


granted, it's not as bad a habit as others i've met. i remember when my brother could down a six pack of mountain dew without a slight increase in heart rate. my own husband was once known for drinking four coca colas during his work day. i've kept it simple--a nice mug of coffee in the morning and a diet, caffeinated soda at lunch (or tea sometimes.) i've always known that caffeine affects me so i don't drink it after 4 pm, usually, or i'll have trouble falling asleep. but when i miss it, man, do i miss it. headaches, tiredness, just feeling off.

and now i'm trying to kick it for good.

i'm two days in, and i'm feeling it. i'm doing a half caff coffee in the morning and planning on mixing decaf in slowly. i will do a scoop of flavored caff coffee just to give it a kick, but then it's water, crystal light or decaf sweet tea for the rest of the day.

i caught a whiff of this yesterday evening....

and it smelled soooooooooo good! i'm already figuring out how i can enjoy some of bruegger's pumpkin spice coffee. we're there every week at our bruegger's, and i think our coffee girl will give me half of the regular flavored and half decaf.

and i've totally been craving one of these....
or one of these. the carbonation, the bite of aspartame (i know, weird, but it's one of those diet soda things) and just enough sweetness....
is this sad? anyone else tried to kick the caffeine habit before? any suggestions? the headaches and sluggishness will pass eventually, i know, but it's been rough the past few afternoons!