Saturday, September 05, 2009

football friday

after i "painted it purple" on friday (my toenails and a great purple tank-top that i found at target on thursday night)...i was already in a football mood. "paint it purple" fridays are a tradition around here, where on fridays before home games, everyone wears purple to work and school. to keep to "football momentum" going--i was able to join some friends at a local high school football game.

i LOVE high school football for the opposite reasons that i love college football. where as college football is loud and choreographed and projected on the jumbotron, high school football is all about the atmosphere--watching the families, the groups of high schoolers at the game, the young players that are still learning a lot of the basics and surprise you with often unpredictable plays. my four years in high school marching band were some of my favorite times--crisp fall nights with stand tunes, halftime performances and third quarter breaks :) i'm excited about going to some more south central games this year (where jeremy coaches) and also maybe making it over to wilson occasionally to catch my brother's band in action.

just a couple of pictures of the boys hanging out. i had the best time catching up with doug and robin, david, lynn and josh, and brent and jake.
the little guys loved watching the game.
so blessed to have these friends to spend a beautiful friday night with. in just a couple of hours, justin will be home and we'll be tuning in for the pirate football game.

and if i had to guess... i imagine we'll be watching some pre-season nfl football tomorrow.

yes, folks, it's that time of year again. football, football, football!

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