Wednesday, June 20, 2012

busy monday afternoon

there was a monday afternoon a few weeks ago where davis's regular sitter had an appointment and i picked him up early. since he would already have had his nap and i wasn't getting him for a doctor's appointment (the usual reason i pick him up early) i decided we should have some fun. our first stop was at my friend robin's house, who also watches davis a couple times a month. she used to cut hair (and cut mine for a while a couple of years ago) and she had offered to trim up davis's hair for us. he was needing it, especially as it got warmer during the summer months and his longer hair would get hot and sweaty under his hats. here's a before picture...
and about 10 minutes later, with a cookie and an episode of the wonder pets on my's the after!
the back was the most dramatic difference.  as much as i loved seeing the ends of his hair flip out and curl, it was cleaned up and he had an actual hairline in the back :)
we saved a few of the longer locks in an envelope and got him to take a picture with robin. of course, he thought at this point that i was leaving and got upset--no fear, buddy! we had big plans for the rest of the afternoon.
i had read about and seen friends pictures of a splash pad in the nearby town of kinston, about 30 minutes away from us. since this was before school got out and davis was already rested, i thought it would be fun to check it out. the sky was overcast and was threatening showers when we got there, but they held off. however, it meant that it wasn't as warm with the sun hidden behind the clouds, so he got a little chilly once he got wet!

there were only a couple of other kids there, which was nice because i didn't have to worry about him getting in the way. but they were also older than him so he didn't really have anyone to play with. i ended up playing with him and showing him how to play with the different water features so he was entertained.
we stayed for about an hour before he got too cold and needed to dry off. we got home just in time for some backyard play with justin :) here's one more picture i snapped that evening with his new haircut and super cool sunglasses! how grown does he look? 

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  1. Call us any time you are going to the Splash Park! The girls LOVED that place! :)