Monday, June 04, 2012

campus fun

living in a college town (and being an alumni and now an employee) i love spending time on campus. a couple of weeks ago, we met up with my 2nd cousins and their little boys (who are 3rd cousins with davis? right?) to take some photos of them as a first birthday present. i'm still finishing up those edits, but they were adorable and we got some awesome pictures. we got a picture of all of us together for the grandparents and great-grandparents :)

after that, we let davis explore some on campus. he was thrilled to find a BIKE! right outside of the library.
but his favorite spot was the "ground cloud"--a special fog feature that is part of the library, too. on the humid afternoon, it felt so good to run through the cool mist and the fog was sticking around enough that we crouch down and "hide" in it.
i will say, from a photographer's perspective, it created some challenges for focusing. the camera wasn't quite sure what to focus on, so i took the rest of these on manual focus.
(we keep a foam sword in the car for entertainment. it just happened to travel with us that day!)
now i know where to take him when we need to cool off and let him run around some...
and as much fun as we had, there's also a very sentimental side of me that is so happy my son will grow up with daily memories of being on campus at my alma mater. he will be photographed in purple and gold next to the campus landmarks at all ages, and we will take advantage of all that our university has to offer to our growing family as far as programs, events and entertainment goes. this is just the beginning :)

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