Friday, June 08, 2012

morgantown visit

after our stop in berkeley springs ,we kept driving until we made it to morgantown to visit with justin's grandmother. she lives in a townhouse near the WVU campus area and was so excited to have us come and visit. we brought in all of davis's toys, but he was more excited to pull the old cassette tapes and cds off of the shelves in the living room :)

after an early dinner, we took davis for a walk in his stroller. i captured this view as we made our way down one of the hills in the neighborhood. we simply just don't have hills like this in eastern nc!
davis was happy to read books and play some iPad games before bed with his great-grandma.
so cute!
after we got him down for bed, justin and i ran out to the grocery store to pick up some more milk for davis and a bag of pepperoni rolls. necessities for our stay up there! the sun was just setting as we made our way towards the shopping center...
we all slept well that night and enjoyed a relaxing morning around the house. before it got too hot, we decided to go over to one of the local parks.
davis enjoyed playing on the playground and watching some of the other children there.
so cute!
after lunch and his nap, we started to pack things up again. we were going to head out of the city to a cookout at a family friend's house. we have been there before and they have gorgeous yard with lots of room to run and play. davis immediately found the rock water feature and thought that was the coolest thing ever. we let him play with it (knowing he would be changing into his pajamas shortly anyway.)
the lighting out there was awesome for photos--i had a great time with the camera. 

we gave him a spoon and measuring cup to play in the dirt, and he was content. it's the simple things, right?

their yard has a large hill that slopes down the bottom, and this was the first time davis had to walk on such an incline. he face planted the first time (and staggered around pretty pathetically trying to figure out how to run/walk on the steep hill) but after a couple of attempts, he finally got it down pat. 
he got smart towards the end and would make it halfway up the hill, then stop and turn to one of us to carry  him up the rest of the way.
we changed him into clean clothes before dinner--yes, the same romper from the day before. i was able to do laundry all through out this trip, which was wonderful because we didn't have a huge bag of dirty clothes to deal with once we got home.
and he eventually started wearing down...

before we headed up to justin's dad's house for the night, we gave him a bath in the kitchen sink and put him in his pj's so he'd be ready to go to bed once we got there. he didn't seem to mind the sink bath too much!
and with that taken care of, we headed on to our next stop along the winding mountain roads.

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