Tuesday, June 12, 2012

day trip to pittsburgh

on saturday, after we had gotten to justin's dad's house the night before, we got up and got ready for a drive into pittsburgh (a little less than two hours from their house.) his stepmom was flying in from visiting one of her daughters and grandchildren the week before, so we were along for the ride! 
davis did well on the drive there and napped for a while--i was worried the short nap would throw him off for the rest of the day, but he handled it in stride. we got to the airport and parked in the short term parking. i had done my research and was hopeful that they might have an observation park like RDU to watch the planes take off and land...but no such luck. however, davis found the baggage claim area entertaining on its own.
he was fascinated by the baggage carousel and the mysterious chute that was dropping luggage out of the ceiling...
and when all the bags got picked up, there were buses and cars to watch through the windows. justin took him over to the pick up/drop off area, and he said he had women waving and smiling at him from the cars as they picked up their passengers. our little guy can charm anyone!
after we picked up justin's stepmom, it was lunch time! i only had one request for our trip to pittsburgh...

a trip to primanti brothers! i had seen so many travel channel and food network shows about their sandwiches that i had to try one for myself. these were massive sandwiches...and so so good. 

we did some quick searching on our phones and found a park nearby to let davis run off some energy. it was really warm that day but he was still up for some playground time.
he thought this sand digger contraption was pretty interesting, though he couldn't quite figure it out himself.
and we finished off our trip with some swinging with pappy--a nice way to cool off from the humid afternoon!
it was a quiet trip home--i don't think he fell back asleep, even though we covered his windows and tried to get him to relax and rest. when we got back, we headed outside to the deck where he immediately busied himself with some bowls of water and dirt. this child can entertain himself for hours moving water back and forth between various containers.
dinner al fresco and time for bed! 
more west virginia fun to come tomorrow...

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